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2016 recap

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Oh what a year it has been! As I sit here and reflect back on the past year the one thing that really stands out to me is how it was the year of change more so than any year before. We experienced change that was bad, change that wasn't easy but most of all change that was good. Change isn't always a bad thing, sometimes we need change to better ourselves and grow.

Cameron, our little boy turned one at the beginning of the year, so we knew that would be the biggest change of all. Bringing our baby home and living his first year of life was exciting, scary and very eye opening but with a running toddler on our hands we knew it would be a whole new ball game. Boy were we right, our patiences was tested as we endured tantrum after tantrum, I cried tears of frustration and countless amounts of tears of joy. Chris and I argued over parenting decisions, who's way was better...  I had to bite my tongue and let daddy's way be better even when I didn't think it was. I watched endless episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse & Listed to those annoying kids songs over and over and over ( I now sing them in the shower) - I watched a baby turn into a boy. I listened to his first words, I watched as his first words turned into his first sayings. I listed to him say "I love you" - our hearts exploded with love and joy as we watched his little personality grow into the curious, funny and loving boy that he is today. We changed, we no longer were just Chris and Sylvia we were now Mama and daddy and that was the best change of all.

I encountered and met a lot of people this year. I dropped my walls and let people in. I was backstabbed and let down - I was hurt by people that meant absolutely nothing to me and by people close to me. I grew closer to friends and grew apart from friends. I turned friends in to best friends and best friends turned into strangers. This year was full of change. The best thing about this was that it let me focus on those that were and are important to me. I learned to value and grow my relationships, I was able to really give the relationships I developed what they deserved. I learned about what each friendship needed and how special it was to me. I built bonds that will never be broken, that are worth so much to me. These friendships and interactions opened my eyes and changed me for the better.

This year I struggled with myself and my Identity, I mean if we are being honest here, its something I always struggled with.  I know above all I am a mommy, thats my number one title, after becoming pregnant I became a stay at home mommy, it's just what made sense for our family.  But this year I was ready to be more. I never wanted to be a mom that sits at home and does nothing for herself. I wanted to do something that would fulfill me and in every creative way.  I began blogging while pregnant with Cameron, but after he was born I wasn't able to focus on him and figuring out a blog so I quit. After a year and a half off I decided it was time to get back in to it so this year I did just that. April of this year I started to blog again, it was a whole new world, a whole new way of blogging. It hasn't been easy ( I know some may laugh) but it sure has been fulfilling and that's all that I've needed. I've been able to express myself creatively in so many ways. I love fashion and style and I love to chat and this is all things that I love in one. It's not easy, not one bit! But I am so thankful for those that support me because not many do. I've met so many amazing people through blogging, I get to collaborate with some talented individuals and connect with some amazing fashionable ladies out there. On some of my hardest days, this little world of blogging makes me feel that much better!

Photo: Love Print Photography

I like to call 2016 the paving way for better years to come. Life was sort of constant and familiar but now, it's a new beginning and a fresh start.

Thank you to all those that read and follow the blog and follow me on Instagram It means so much to me. I wanted to wish you all a wonderful New Year with lots of joy and happiness! Have a safe and happy New Years Eve! Cheers



Can you believe we are two days away from kissing 2016 goodbye? This year has really come and gone pretty quick. For the last few years we've been spending NYE at home having a toddler really changes things. This will be our third year going to my in laws, where the family gathers, we sip cocktails, over indulge in tasty apps and play games before ringing in the new year. Honestly, it's my favorite away to bring in the new year, beats going to one of those over the top open bar parties in the city!

I started prepping food for Saturday, so I decided to doing a quick post for all of you that are still looking to add something special to your night in.

1.  Party Decor : My favorite thing for basically any holiday is the decor and NYE has some really fun stuff to decorate with. NYE is all about the glitz and the glam, sequins, silver & gold. I found a ton of stuff at Homegoods, like the confetti poppers. If you can't find them, HERE is a quick and easy DIY for you to do.  You can also find some super cute plates and napkins at your local Homegoods or Target. Add the finishing touches with myler "2017" balloons which are my favorite.

2. Cocktails : The best part of NYE is the champagne! I am a girl who has grown to love champagne, although for me it's a summer drink.. On new years eve, champagne can tend to get a little boring for me so I like to drink a champagne cocktail. One of my favorite drinks of all time is a French 75 the basis is champagne, gin & lemon juice, easy and delicious. If you want to try the French 75 HERE is a recipe for it. Be sure to offer some variety, not everyone likes champagne so stock your bar so that guests have something to choose from.

3. Pickings : Our new years party is all about appetizers. We pick a bunch of different recipes, some we have done the last few years, some times we add in a new one and really we like to have a assortment of different kinds. Small bite apps are the way to go this way people are picking the whole night long. I tried a delicious roasted pepper and polenta bite recipe this year which is absolutely delicious so if you'd like to try it HERE it is.

4. Attire : I love dressing for the holidays and since we are all just hanging out inside we tend to keep it pretty casual. Be sure to let your guests know what type of party you are throwing! There's nothing wrong with dressing up or down for the big night. But you'd hate for someone to arrive in a formal dress while you are snuggling on the couch in some cute nye pjs.

Cheers to the New Year and I hope you all have a wonderful night hosting your New Years Eve parties. Be sure to follow along on my Instastories to see how our night turned out!



I'm sort of sad that Christmas is over, it's this major build up leading up and then it happens so quick! We had a wonderful Christmas eve & Christmas day. Cameron was so happy and excited with all the gifts Santa brought him. He`s a very appreciative little boy (We got lucky with him) - It was honestly the perfect Christmas, we are so lucky to have the family that we do and the holiday traditions that we have, definitely feeling over joyed today.

But now it's on to New Years Eve! Chris and I may have went out for Nye once as a couple. We never really were into the big parties so we've been celebrating at home with family for the last few years. I've decided to do two looks Nye inspired looks, one casual cozy look (this one) & one dressier look.

NYE is all about the glitz and the glam, the sequins and all the glitter. There's something so luxe about velvet and this velvet top makes for a perfect look for a night in for NYE. If you're looking for something a little dressier you can pair it with a mini skirt , tights and a pair of booties. The oversized cardigan gives this look that cozy at home feel. 

Make sure to accessories with you favorite earrings or necklace the bigger the better on NYE - I threw on some sparkly earrings to add some pop to the look.

 I've rounded up my favorite velvet and sequin tops for you to shop


Casual Christmas Plaid

Some love to get dressed up for the holidays while others like to keep it casual. I am a little bit of both, my Christmas Eve is dressier than my Christmas day. Denim a christmas plaid button down a pair of flats or booties and thats my Christmas day look. Christmas day is a little more mellow, after spending the morning opening presents we like to just relax and watch Christmas movies and take it easy. The last thing I want to do on Christmas day is put on a fancy dress and heels, to be honest.

The best thing about a look is the accessories, turn any simple look into something special with the right accessories. These cap toe ballet flats from J. Crew really make any outfit pop. Throw on a sparkly necklace and some dangling earrings and your look is complete.

So if you're looking to keep it casual but stand out this Christmas all you really need is a pretty Christmas plaid and all the right accessories! 

Christmas Pajamas

The holidays are that much better with a little one! Cameron will be two next month and he really loves Christmas - He loves watching the trains go around the tree and finding the Elf On The Shelf every morning. He looks forward to opening a book every night for the 25 nights of christmas. Seeing his smiling face while he dances to christmas music and watches christmas movies makes my heart full.

The holidays are all about traditions and I couldn't wait to start our own traditions after having Cameron. Matching Christmas pajamas was on my list. This year I was on the hunt for the cutest pair I could find. I bought more than one pair because I was too excited, we've been wearing Christmas PJs all month long.

I found this perfect pair of jammies from the Gap, obviously, because I am sort of obsessed with the Gap, if you haven't already noticed. My jogger jammies are so soft, light weight and comfy. Cameron's bear fair isle coordinate perfectly with mine. How cute are the christmas socks I found from J. Crew ?! 

His little face Melts my heart.


Wrapping Presents

I love Crafting and creating and one of my favorite things is wrapping Christmas presents. I go all out with the paper, ribbon, tags and any other accessory I can find. It's a process but when they are all wrapped and under the tree they look so pretty!

I always look at Homegoods for wrapping paper and accessories but this year I found all that I needed at Target. Majority of the these products are made by Sugar Paper, which makes the cutest stationary products I have ever seen! I couldn't help myself I have to by every possible thing I laid my eyes on, polka dotted wrapping paper, gold jingle bells,  gold letter charms & present toppers that looked like mittens and christmas trees! (I was in wrapping paper heaven)

Be sure to get all the bells and whistles wrapping paper is wrapping paper but I think I present is created with the ribbon and accessories that go on top it needs elements. My favorite is the star wire and red ball ribbon that I picked up in dollar bins in the front of Target. Make sure to make it your own and have fun with it, it's all about having fun! Your family will be sure to love beautifully wrapped gifts.

The great thing about it being so last minute, you'll be sure to find all of these items in your local Target store. Can you believe I went to Michaels and A.C. Moore yesterday and basically all of the holiday decor was put away!! I was shocked. I really don't get it, all of these store put out Christmas stuff in September and it's all put away the week of Christmas... Doesn't really make much sense.


Lady In Red For The Holidays

You guys, I am exhausted, Christmas week is no joke!! Between all the baking and last minute shopping, I barely have any extra time on my hands .. but I love it, I'm not complaining, I love Christmas! I'm not a big baker except during the holidays I've never really been too good at it but each year I find myself getting better and better. Today I made sugar cookies from scratch and they actually turned out pretty cute.


Besides the delicious food and spending time with family my favorite thing is getting dressed up for Christmas. I typically go for a dressier look on Christmas Eve, either a dress or a skirt and a cute pair of booties or heels.  I think the only time I really wear red is during Christmas time, if you haven't already notice the insane amount of red on my Instagram feed ( I think this coming year I am going to try wearing red more through out the year, I think I sorta love it.)

I wanted to add a red dress to my wardrobe and one that would be perfect for a dressier look. I found this form fitting one from Banana Republic factory, it falls right above the knee and hugs at the waist, it's so simple yet so flattering. I also picked up this scarf from Banana Republic as well which made for the perfect addition to my simple look. Both the dress and the scarf are such versatile pieces. The red dress really can be worn so many different ways, I can't wait to pair it with my suede moto jacket and booties for a more relaxed look. As far as the scarf, it can be added to any look for a pop of color.

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