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Christmas Wine : Winc

Today on the blog, I am showing you guys how to add a pretty touch to a glass of white wine. It's so easy and achievable, it just takes three easy steps! Click to ready more! 


Finishing touches on the living room : The Company Store

After selecting the key pieces in our living space, I was excited to put the finishing touches on the room. I needed to add the perfect throw pillows and blankets to really add warmth and texture and really tie everything together. After working with The Company Store to redo our bedroom (Post here) I was blow away by the quality, comfort and of course style by their products, I knew with out hesitation, where to go when searching for pieces for our living room.


Home Make Over With Raymour & Flanigan

I was sitting in our new place when one day I looked around at our living room furniture and thought, this furniture and style is so not me anymore. I then looking into our dining space and thought the same thing! Chris thought I was crazy, but I told him to trust me and let me update things a little bit.


The Power Of Hair Products : Voluminous Hair

   I posted this picture to my Instagram last night really just talking about my glasses and wanted to see if you guys were into the "grandpa" glasses trend. I didn't expect to get so many comments, complimenting my hair and DMs asking what products and techniques I use to achieve that style. I thought I would get on here this morning and give you guys the inside scoop on my hair.


My Visit to Philly

 Last week, I got invited to explore the city of Philadelphia through Shop Center City , during Fashion Week. I've only always just traveled to NYC, not realizing that Philly was just a quick two hour drive from North Jersey. Having this city so close, gives us the option to venture out into another city every so often.


longer lashes with Avon Unlimited Love

I love long luscious lashes problem is, my lashes are far from long and luscious. My lashes are actually really short, I was not blessed with pretty lashes (sigh).  I've tried everything under the sun to get my dream lashes. Eyelash extensions, which have pretty much all been nightmare stories! I can't even tell you the amount of times I've had swollen eyes from the procedure or how many of my natural lashes I lost. Then it took me months to grow back and have my own lashes back.  I love eyelash strips and for a while I have been resorting to them. Once summer rolls around, I can't wear them as much, since we are always in the pool or going to the beach and lets be honest the hassle of putting them on everyday is not fun.


Updated bedroom with The Company Store

We moved into our new place two months ago and I knew the first thing I wanted to do was refresh our bedroom. When thinking about bedding and comfort, I knew The Company Store would be the place to get all that I needed to complete the transformation.  


Custom giveaway boxes designed with Distinct Packaging

As a blogger, we are gifted with lots of products to test out and let's be honest, I just can't use all of the products that brands send me. I end up giving a lot of the products away to close friends and family but I also wanted to be able to share stuff with you, my followers!  So I decided what better way to say thank you for your support than by hosting some giveaways.

I knew that I wanted to go about these giveaways the right way. Everything that I do, I want it to represent me and my brand in the best way. I'd have all these pretty and beautiful products for you all but the last thing I wanted to do was throw them into a crumbled up box that I had recycled from a previous brand! That's where Distinct Packaging comes in to the picture, a company that gives you the ability to design your very own packaging. The perfect way for me to create a mailer box that not only represented me creatively but also represented my brand.

I was excited to get started on the process! Distinct Packaging gives you two options, you can either work with one of their graphic designers and they will help bring your vision to life or you can create your own and upload it on their site to be printed.  I do a lot of the graphic design for my site but I decided to go with the graphic designer that they provided me with. Rebekah (the graphic designer) was very attentive and we spent a few weeks emailing back and forth discussing my vision until I was happy with the final draft. The process is fully customizable to fit your needs, Whether you're looking for custom boxes for your small business or for an upcoming birthday party, Distinct Packaging has got you covered! The other great thing is that you can print as low as 10 items so you are not stuck with ordering more than you may possibly need - The possibilities are endless and not to mention the entire process is very easy!

I teamed up with Distinct Packaging to give one lucky follower a chance to win 10 free boxes of their choice!

to enter :

1. Head to my Instagram : follow and like the last three images.
2. Head to Distinct Packaging Instagram : Follow and like the last three images.
3. Make sure to comment done on my Instagram post with distinct packaging (here).

Winner will be announced August 31st. Good luck!


creating with basic invite

One of my favorite things, is being able to express myself creatively. I love having full control of creative content whether that is for my blog pictures, my website or for the stationary products I use to network with.  I was excited to partner with Basic Invite on todays post to design a special bundle of products for my brand.


Gimme Gingham

Adding lots and lots of gingham to the spring/summer wardrobe. 


dealing with mom guilt.

Today was a pretty rough morning to say the least! As my sweet boy naps, I'm just sitting here and thinking about him and my feelings and having MAJOR mom guilt! I knew I had to open up my laptop and write these emotions down in a post and share them because I know every mom out there has had mom guilt before!



A few weeks ago I met my favorite ladies in the city for a much needed girls brunch! We were invited to try out the new midtown spot, TGA. 



First, I'm going to start of by saying, I love my baby so much and most of all I love spending everyday with him. BUT! There are moments that I really NEED my time away.

Sharing 5 ways to make time for yourself.


10 Things

It's been a little bit since I've posted a new blog post and I apologize, I sometimes struggle with balance and getting the urge to write. I promise I'll get better and try and get into a good routine so that I am at least getting one to two posts out a week. Today, I'm sharing 12 things ! 


Surround yourself with positive people.

"your vibe attracts your tribe" - It's important to surround yourself with positive people !


Find yourself and be that!

At the end of last year, I looked in the mirror after getting dressed and thought to myself... "who am I"  . I didn't recognize myself, I didn't feel like I was being true to who I was.


Casual look & Life Update

Talking about some new purchases I've made that I'm loving and sharing a little life update.


Camerons three !

Today my sweet boy turn three years old !! 


Simple Joys in life.

January Marks the start of a new year, So I decided to dedicate this months blog posts to uplifting and motivational posts. Last year was a tough one for me and I found myself in a bad head space so I knew this year was one that I wanted to start with my best foot forward.  Today's post is all about the simple joys in life.


Where has the time gone? My baby is almost three

Tonight on the blog, I'm spilling some mama feelings, my baby is turning 3 in two weeks and I can't help but think to myself... Where has the time gone!? 


A new directions + 10 things.

With 2018 here, I decided that I wanted to take my blog in a bit of a different direction. I wanted to open up more to you all and let you see my life a bit more. Last year I really focused on fashion and style, which don't get me wrong I love! But, I wanted to be able to do more this year and being able to morph this blog into a lifestyle blog.



With the start of 2018 I made a promise to myself to eat better and more balanced meals. Today on the blog I am sharing this easy and VERY delicious overnight oat recipe.



Today on the blog, I'm sharing a few easy steps to fix that broken make up of yours.


My bucket list for 2018

I thought it would be fun to start the year off with a bucket list!  Every year I think of all the fun things I want to do in the coming year but never even come close to doing these things. So this year I created my very own bucket list. 



I have to admit , 2017 became a routine of bad habits and I turned into someone I couldn't even notice. I became a new version of myself that I did not really like.  I was unmotivated, unorganized and unhealthy.   I began to struggle with who I was, what inspired me and what motivated in the bigger picture.

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