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Simple Joys in life.

January Marks the start of a new year, So I decided to dedicate this months blog posts to uplifting and motivational posts. Last year was a tough one for me and I found myself in a bad head space so I knew this year was one that I wanted to start with my best foot forward.  Today's post is all about the simple joys in life.

This morning was a rough one for us! Cameron woke up this morning with a fever and not feeling the best. I brought him in to be seen by the doctor and turns out it's probably something viral. After a crummy morning and doctors visit, we came home turned a movies on and he rested. As he was snuggling close to me I thought, I love being his mama. I love holding him. I then kissed his head and I smelled his hair (which I love, it brings me so much comfort) Doing that put me at ease after an anxious morning. In that moment it got me to thinking about all the things in my life that bring me joy. That bring me a feeling of great happiness and that just really make me feel good. I'm talking about the simple joys in life!

I decided to compile a list of my simple joys and to share them with you. Also, I know not everyone's joys are the joys of others and i'm sure you can think of a hundreds of other joys. Here are my favorite. The night things about these joys are that you can find them just about anywhere during your day and if you're ever having a sh*tty day, just doing one of these and it'll cheer you up.

  • First cup of coffee, of the day.
  • your child's laugh
  • snuggling 
  • the smell of something comforting
  • listening to good music
  • taking a long hot shower
  • watching the sunset
  • good wine
  • comfort food
  • telling jokes 
  • watching a good movie or tv show
  • making someone smile
  • ice cream
  • doing nothing on a sunday
  • taking a bath
  • surprising someone 
  • comfy clothes
  • doing crafts 
  • the feeling after you workout
  • the smell of summer
  • enjoy a picnic
  • snow days 
  • watching your kid play 
  • a good conversation 
  • a good manicure
  • the smell of the season ( pumpkin spice in the fall, pine tree during christmas, etc. )
  • family dinner 
  • spending time with friends 
  • playing board games 

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  1. I love this list! So many of these make me so happy too.

    xx, Danielle | Pineapple & Prosecco"


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