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Where has the time gone? My baby is almost three

Tonight on the blog, I'm spilling some mama feelings, my baby is turning 3 in two weeks and I can't help but think to myself... Where has the time gone!? 

As I sit here and scroll through this roll of pictures I can't believe the boy Cameron has become. As a  mom I tend to get so wrapped up in our daily life, everything becomes routine and I forget to notice the changes around me and really live in those moments.  As I write this posts, it's a bit of a realization that these past three years have really flown by.  I can't help but get emotional, my baby wont be a baby for too long.

 I really didn't think writing this would would bring tears to my eyes.  

When Cameron was a few months old I remember feeling so run down and emotionally drained, the whole new mom thing was no joke. I remember a fellow mom telling me "the days are long but the years are short" I remember thinking what a cute saying. As I write this, thats all that I can think of, because now we are three years down the road and I'm left thinking, where has the time gone?

I remember bringing Cameron home from the hospital and thinking.. now what! - I remember thinking how am I going to figure this out, how am I going to raise this tiny human to grow into an adult. I was scared and felt so confused. I thought there has to be some mom manual - a book of how to's and definite dont's ..  (thats a pretty cute book name, if i do say so myself) .  But there wasn't mother instinct kicked in and of course google was my best friend. 

Year one was filled with lots of change, constant change, every month was different. lots of spit up and poopy diapers, lots of breast feeding, sleepless nights and lots of firsts! The firsts were my favorite, first smile, that was a good one! First crawl was so cute. First word (dada) that brought smiles to our face.  First walk was so exciting! First birthday one of the greatest feelings besides the day of his birth!  I didn't think anything could get better.

But then it got better! Year two was filled with lots of words, lots of laughter and lots of running around. This tiny human was finding himself and developing such a wonderful personality. Life was wonderful, motherhood was perfect and again I thought, life couldn't get any better. I loved spending my days with him, I loved teaching him and guiding him, helping him pave his way. I enjoy many more firsts with him, like sending him to his first day of school and watching him make his first friend. 

This past year was unlike the rest. Cameron really turned into a person of his own. He could hold a conversation with you and make you laugh with his silly personality. The things that come out of his mouth really amaze me every single day.  He tells me he loves me and that mommy and daddy are his best friends! He knows all of his colors and tells us how his brain is in his head and his heart is in his chest and how he loves pepperoni pizza. 

Being his mother has been the best experience of my life and I just feel so lucky that he is my little boy. I wish that I could make time stand still and hold on to these moments for longer than I can.  There's just not enough memory on my phone to be able to capture all the special moments we create every day.  When I was pregnant I was so nervous to become a mother but when this little one was born that all went away.  These past three years have been the best years of my life.  I can't wait to continue to watch my baby grow and guide him along the rest of his life. 

To all the new mamas out there enjoy every minute of every day. Enjoy the sleepless nights, the dirty diapers and the tantrums, it gets better! And to the mamas that are in my shoes, that can't believe their babies are 3, 5 or 10..  I feel what your heart is feeling!  And remember,  "the days are long but the years are short".  

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