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First, I'm going to start of by saying, I love my baby so much and most of all I love spending everyday with him. BUT! There are moments that I really NEED my time away.

Sharing 5 ways to make time for yourself.

Being a mommy to a three year old and a stay at home mom, may I add. I spend a lot of time with a little human next to my side majority of the day! (There is the exception of nap time and twice a week Cameron goes to school for an hour and half). I feel like I barely get any me time. I can't go to the bathroom in peace, shower alone, fully get ready for the day or gossip on the phone with our some little ears over hearing and then repeating ;)  From the moment I wake up my day is dedicated to Cameron and don't get my wrong, I LOVE IT and wouldn't have it any other way. This is not a post to complain about it this is just a post about how every once in a while, mommy needs some me time! 

Ever since Cameron was born, I always made sure I was getting some alone time. At times, I can feel burnt out, run down and just drained. That's when I know it's time for me to gather myself, I always know this is the time that I need to just get away from mommy duties and need time for MYSELF. This doesn't mean going away on a trip (It can!) But it can be something so simple like a few hours away.  I sometimes enjoy going to the grocery store by myself and shop in peace and clear my head on week days that I feel overwhelmed!

So for all you mommies out there, this post is for you and to remind you that it's okay to take sometime for yourself to recharge so you can be the best mom you can be!  

Tonight, I'm sharing 5 ways to make time for youself.

1. TAKE A BATH - One of my favorite ways to recharge and get some alone time, is to take a bath. When I am feeling overwhelmed, tired or run down, I love to fill a hot bath, pour a glass of wine, play some music and just relax. It's a great way to get away from the everyday stresses of life. If you're not a bath fan, Take a nice long hot shower ALONE!  Just the 30 minutes of relaxing, alone time can really make a difference. 

2. GET YOUR NAILS DONE (or spa)-  This is one I use to always do when Cameron was younger. I haven't really made enough time to pamper myself lately.  It's so important to not lose yourself as a mom and to find time to keep up and take care of yourself.  Find time once a month or once every few months to just sneak away to treat yourself. I am lucky enough that every mothers day I am treated to a spa day with the ladies in my family. It's one that I always look forward to!  

3. GO FOR A WALK -  Do you every have a moment when you feel like you're about to lose your mind and break down?! This totally happens to me every so often. Sometimes it's nice to just put head phones in and go on a nice walk alone and you can come back feeling calm and ready to be a good mom! 

4. DINNER -  Call up your girlfriend and go out to dinner. Two hours away with your favorite gal pal, talking about how tough mom life is and how much you need wine! can really make you feel so much better. Even if it's hard to make it out to dinner, I love to head over to my girlfriends house, we pour a glass of wine and just vent!!!! I always feel so much better after leaving. 

5. GIRLS NIGHT / TRIP - Girls nights are my favorite!! I make sure to have a girls night atleast once a month. I'm actually going to one this weekend.  It's so nice to get away with your girlfriends and have no a care in the world!! Staying up late, sleeping in and doing whatever you want! GIRLS NIGHTS ARE THE BEST.


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