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Find yourself and be that!

At the end of last year, I looked in the mirror after getting dressed and thought to myself... "who am I"  . I didn't recognize myself, I didn't feel like I was being true to who I was.

I started to feel so upset, I knew I had let myself go down a road I never wanted to go down. I have always been the type of person that wears what I want and does my own thing. I was always happy with myself and confident in myself.

Last year, I lost that confidence.  I found that I was struggling to stay true to myself and doing what made me happy. I questioned myself and my blog, all this questioning came from something so silly, my following count and social media engagement! As I write that I cringe, because I am so sad I let something like that affect me.

There were moments where I would post something that I felt so confident about but I wasn't getting the feed back I had hoped. I than began to question if the content I was putting out was what people wanted to see. I would see these big accounts with this big following and I would think, I need to be doing what they are doing because it works! I found myself trying to be just like everyone else, just like these accounts that had it figured out.

In that moment, it all hit me, I had a moment when I just didn't want to keep trying to be someone else. I knew something didn't feel right! I felt so uninspired and I felt lost. My creativity wasn't coming to me, I didn't know what I wanted to do next. I felt so lost because I didn't know who I was!

I took a step back to think about it all and I realized that I was so unhappy and so lost because I was trying to be someone that I wasn't! Thats when I was able to look past all the superficial bullshit and look at myself and ask myself, who is Sylvia?! What makes Sylvia happy?  I then made a promise to myself and a change.

I knew that deep down, there was a version of myself, that was confident and happy in her own skin! I knew that to achieve the happiness, I had to find myself and be that!

After a little self reflecting I was able to bring that version of myself to light. Listen, I am nowhere near "perfect" and I do have days where I have a moment and a question something! (we all have those moments) But as long as you are staying true to you, you are doing it right! 

 I do have to say, when I began to be myself, dressing in what I like, writing on here about what I want, that's when I was able to truly find my happiness.  I started 2018 on a positive note, I feel happy in my own skin and I am fulfilled, because I am doing what I want and being who I am! 

Madewell Top | Loft denim | Booties Zara (similar here)

I just want to say to you all, to always stay true to yourself. Never change who you are or try to be someone you may see on social media. Being an influencer, I want to share my experiences, interests and products that I love with you. I share these things to hopefully make your life a little easy not to make you want to be me. 

Remember, always be you, because you are beautiful.

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  1. Such a beautiful post!! I can totally relate! Thanks for sharing❤️


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