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Gearing up for some major holiday sales and We are just two days away from the big Black Friday Sale. Black friday can get a little overwhelming so I like to just get a little bit done and do my key items. My sons gifts are always good to purchase on Black Friday since I know what I'm looking for. Today on the blog It's all about kids stuff. I kept it short and sweet and up some great items that Cameron has or are on his wish list. These would make for good gifts for your little one or a special little one in your life. 

When it comes to gift giving for kids I always think about what's going to be special and different for them. There's only so many cars a little boy can get. I love the personalized gifts you can get a stores like Pottery Barn or Land Of Nod. In my eyes, these gifts will last them years and be so special. A lot of these items Cameron has received and we just love and had gifted to our friends or family! 

Be sure to pin the image below for easier shopping! Everything is linked below.

1. Tool Bench : Cameron received this gift for Christmas and he loves it! It's such a great gift for the special boy in your life. I also love the idea of personalizing it! He'll love thinking he`s going to work.

2. Tee Pee Tent : Cameron got this tent for Christmas last year and it's his favorite. We also got the pad that goes inside of it. He will lay in here and watch movies, read books and play hid and seek. We also set it up so it was popped when he walked down Christmas morning! The look on his face was priceless.

3. Art Easel : This is a great easel, In my eyes, its something every kid needs and I love the style of this one.

4/ 5.  Puppet Show & puppets : This is such a cute gift idea for the special boy or girl in your life.  Perfect for letting their imagination run! 

6. Character Towel : These are a huge hit with my little one. I love to surprise him with these cute little towel. He`s very into spider man right now so this one is going to make it under the tree this year.

7. Train Set : Cameron has this wooden train set and it keeps him entertained for hours! Such a great gift for your kids! 

8. Personalized Chair : I love this gift idea!! Cameron got this for his first christmas and it's his own personal seat. He`s been able to grow with it. He can sit and watch movies or read books! If you have more than one kid, with the personalization, they'll all have their own special chair. 

9. Personalized Backpack : Cameron loves his little backpack. He takes it out to dinners filled with all of his toys and favorite things. It's also the perfect gift to give without breaking the bank! 

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