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Just not so traditional : Why we chose the ring we did & a little bit about us .

Today on the blog, I'm sharing why we went with the ring that we did,  a little look into us and how we aren't so "traditional" . 

Chris and I met, basically six years to the date.  It was an instant connection and I knew right away, he was the one I was going to marry.  It was like the stars aligned for us, everything was so natural  and sort of just unfolded. Two years into our relationship, we had our son.  This is when we sort of decided that it was most important to focus on our life as a family.  We didn't want to overwhelm ourselves with getting married when Cameron was a baby, just to get it done. We felt that there was a time for everything and most importantly we wanted to focus on family. We felt we didn't need to rush things.

 Cameron, is now four and life sort of "slowed down" in a sense. The two of us sat down and looked at each other and decided that it was time to  have a wedding!  It's funny, because I've gotten so many questions, " why now? " ,  "whats the point, you're basically married "  -  So many people don't understand when things aren't "traditional" .  And we just do things the way we feel is best for us. If you took Cameron out of the picture (sounds harsh!!! ) Chris and I would of been together for 6 years and it would be perfect timing to get engaged and get married. Sure, having a child, really changes things. It made our relationship stronger and deeper, getting married, wont really change things. It is more so to celebrate the union and mark a special time in our lives.

 So, since deciding the time was right, Chris and I decided to go ring shopping, together. I know, that may sound crazy to some of you ... "they went together?!" YUP!  First of all, we aren't "traditional" as I stated.  Ladies, I highly recommend getting involved and going ring shopping with your man. Our jeweler, Lauren B,  told us that mostly all couples come in together for the initial meeting. Here is why I think it is so important and why I am so happy that I went for the meeting.  I always had an idea of what I wanted, an oval diamond that was set on a thin gold band. This was a ring that I saw years ago, fell in love and was set that this was going to be my ring .  Two weeks before going ring shopping,  I saw an eternity band while scrolling through my Instagram feed and I couldn't stop staring at it .  I thought, this was so different to do as an "engagement" band. I showed chris the picture and he loved it. He also quickly suggested that I do oval diamonds and make it a statement piece.

It was time to make an appointment and see some rings.  Lauren B. Jewelry was a brand I've been following for quiet sometime on Instagram.  I have loved their work and knew they had many options when it came to eternity bands. We browsed around a little bit before hand and the great thing with Lauren B, they had the exact Oval Eternity band we were interested in! Believe it or not, other places had to make the piece for us to see. Since I was still sort of on the fence I knew I needed to try the ring on to make sure this was exactly the way I wanted to go . 

First of all, the ring is beautiful,  but I just fell in love with the way it looked on my hand, it just felt so right. After comparing the eternity band to a "typical" engagement ring, I knew I absolutely wanted a eternity band as my engagement ring.   I've gotten a few question about it, asking since I have a band already what will I do for my actually wedding day.  I really love the Idea of stacking rings so for my wedding band, I am going to get a gold band and stack it with the eternity band.  I was able to try this on in the store to get the full visional and I loved it.  It just looks so crisp and the two bands really work well together. I also love the idea of mixing the two tones.  Another great thing that I love about my band, being a mom to a wild four year old, I don't have to worry about my band getting in the way! I've heard from so many of my friends that they don't always where there engagement ring and wear their wedding band.  I love that it doesn't get in my way, it's a beautiful statement piece and most importantly symbolizes a special moment in my life. 

Here's the thing ladies, there's no way to do it, you have to speak to your heart! Don't let society tell you there is a certain way to do things. I tried on some "typical" engagement rings, even the one I thought I wanted only to find that it didn't speak to me. I tried something out of the ordinary, only to love it!!! Chris loved it and it felt so right for us!!! Don't think you have to do what everyone else does . 

We are so happy in this moment together! Never in a million years did I think it would all pan out this way and it's so much better than I could of ever dream't of !! I love my Chris and I can't wait to get married !!! Our story is so special, our ring is so special and so is this moment!  Thank you to Lauren B. jewelry for helping us find our special ring and making the whole processes quick, easy and special! 

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